Join, stay, and grow with Benchmark. Connect with your calling.

When you join our team, you’ll build lasting connections with those you care for and those you work with. Our culture fosters a strong sense of pride, purpose, and support among team members. We’ll empower you to explore your interests, feed your passion, and pursue growth and educational opportunities. Most importantly, we’ll help you connect with your calling.


Joining the Benchmark Senior Living team means pursuing a passion that serves you as well as helping others. Our associates connect with their calling and every day is an opportunity to bond with residents and fellow associates. Benchmark has many opportunities to find purpose in your work, so if making a career out of caring for others sounds fulfilling to you, we encourage you to join us at Benchmark.

Benchmark University


We take pride in fostering a community of people who feed off each other’s passion and create meaningful relationships that last beyond the “job.” Many of our associates choose to stay with Benchmark for years, driven by a strong sense of pride, belonging, and deep purpose they find in building tight-knit, meaningful, and gratifying bonds with our residents and each other. Moments of human connection between coworkers, residents, and team members are what set us apart from other jobs.


As a top-tier company in the industry, we’re dedicated to empowering our team members and providing opportunities for growth. Benchmark offers professional and personal development training and education. Our Benchmark University and tuition discount and reimbursement program enhance the technical excellence of our team members, provide them with high quality training and support pursuing one’s calling. A career at Benchmark means opening new doors for growth, connection, and exploring passions.

Called To Care

Guided by our core values of Called to Care, Better Together, and Be the Benchmark, Benchmark Senior Living associates are truly impactful in the lives of residents and their families, all while advancing their own professional and personal aspirations.


Tom Grape

"There are a lot of places that people could go and do these jobs. But there are few places that have a culture built around purpose and values that reinforce their calling."


Director of Learning & Development

"In my 24 years, there's two paychecks to this job. There's one that, yes, we are able to buy things and support our livelihood. But there's the other paycheck that fuels your heart, and that's experienced when you have taken a day off and a resident comes to you and says, my goodness, where have you been? "


Executive Director

"We have a robust training educational program here, a benchmark to ensuring that we're investing in your success so that way you are successful. Because when you're successful, we are successful, the community is successful. So we take really great pride in making sure that our folks have the tools skill wise, that they need to do the job and be successful at it."