Culture at Benchmark Senior Living

Benchmark Senior Living has sought to create a culture that fosters pride in our company through shared values and a commitment to serving others.

Tom Grape

We inspire our employees by honoring the passion they have for serving our residents, and we recognize them for authentically living our values. We trust them to be accountable, reward them for excellence, and respect their voice by providing them with multiple vehicles through which they are heard. Our leadership demonstrates that integrity is non-negotiable and that the team supports its members and stands as one company. Everyone maintains a high level of commitment and respect for one another through proactive communication. We consistently demonstrate that success is all about learning, growing and life opportunities.

Our Programs Include:

  • Community Bonuses - quarterly performance bonuses that provide associates with additional compensation. If the occupancy and net operating income goals are met, associates can receive bonuses without a ceiling. Typical bonuses for direct-care staff range from $150 per quarter to $1,000 per quarter.
  • Gratitude Grams - official "thank you" cards that associates give to one another when they believe a fellow associate has gone above and beyond. All recipients are put into a drawing every month and one winner is drawn. The winner receives a gift up to $50 in value.
  • Service Champions - those associates that exemplify the Benchmark mission and values, and go above and beyond the general requirements of the job. Each month, the associates of each Benchmark community will nominate a Service Champion to their Executive Director (ED). The winner is selected by the ED and is rewarded with a ribbon and pin to wear on their nametag, a gold Service Champion uniform shirt and a $100 dollar gift check.
  • Community Service Champions - associates selected by the Executive Directors after all Service Champion nomination forms submitted from January through December have been reviewed. One winner is chosen for this overall recognition and receives an extra day off, a plaque and a $500 dollar gift check.
  • Benchmark Service Champion - the associate who is selected across Benchmark as being the model champion of service. All Community Service Champion nomination forms are submitted to the Home Office where a team of Senior Executives review and select the overall winner who receives a vacation package award.
  • Resident Referral Bonuses - bonuses that are provided to associates who refer a resident to any of the Benchmark communities. When an associate refers a resident who then moves into a Benchmark community, the associate will be eligible for a $1,000 bonus.
  • Associate Referral Bonuses - bonuses that are provided to associates who refer employment candidates to Benchmark. If the referral is hired, the associate receives a compensation ranging from $250 - $1,500.