Resident Services Director in Billerica at Benchmark Senior Living

Date Posted: 6/10/2024

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Benchmark Senior Living is looking for a Resident Services Director at our Billerica Crossings Community!

Joining the Benchmark Senior Living team means putting your passion to work. Our associates feel a sense of belonging with the care that they provide, empowered by the open and reliable team that surrounds them. Our diverse and skilled workforce takes immense pride in a shared commitment: a devotion to providing caring and dedicated service. In our supportive environment, associates have the opportunity to learn and grow. With professional and personal training programs, as well as education for career advancement, we empower associates to explore their interests, feed their passion, and pursue growth opportunities. We invite you to connect with your calling, find purpose in your career, and gain lifelong relationships through the power of human connection by transforming the lives of seniors!

The Resident Services Director maintains responsibility for the Traditional Assisted Living and Harbor Program and all program functions within the Benchmark Community. Responsibilities include the day-to-day delivery of services in conjunction with the Resident Care Director, and programs including resident and family satisfaction. The Resident Services Director is responsible for hiring, supervising, educating, developing, supporting and coaching all of the Resident Care Associates; customer and family relations; quality assurance; regulatory compliance and financial management. The program goal is to provide an environment that maintains each resident’s highest level of physical, social and psychological well-being.

Job Requirements


  • Accountable for labor hours and overtime usage
  • Schedules staff (budgetary guidance)
  • Executes AL and Harbor resident care budget for community
  • Completes daily review of time keeping practices and punch detail to assure all hours worked are appropriately recorded and paid


  • Recognizes and assists in the prevention of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation (financial and other) and reports to appropriate sources per state regulations


  • Ongoing evaluation and assessment of the Traditional and Harbor Programs to define needs and opportunities for growth
  • Participates in daily Stand Up Meetings, weekly Department Head Meeting, Resident At Risk meetings, Resident Move In, Resident Tracking Meeting and Associate RYG meetings as scheduled with the Executive Director and community team
  • Provides information and support to families about: transportation services, cable TV, telephone, guest meals, clothing tips, gift-giving, and other helpful suggestions about their interactions with other members of the community
  • Effectively communicates with families and friends of residents
  • Efficiently documents and provides accurate record-keeping as appropriate
  • Effectively communicates with other care providers in a professional manner
  • Assures Resident Information is communicated to the staff through a report process and calendar (appointments, outings, etc.)
  • Communicates and documents residents’ material needs (i.e., briefs, clothing, toothpaste, pads, etc.)
  • Accurately completes incident reports prior to the end of the working day, where indicated
  • Accurately completes a follow-up process for all incidents and accidents
  • Notifies corporate office of incidents in a timely manner
  • Effectively handles follow-up issues with families
  • Facilitates RCA team meetings


  • Adheres to all OSHA regulations and safety procedures when lifting, bending, and using equipment
  • Demonstrates infection prevention and control
  • Immediately reports any personal accident or work-related injury
  • Assures compliance with all resident care related regulations
  • Develops and implements appropriate plans of action to correct identified deficiencies in compliance with Benchmark’s expectations for QRS and other regulatory compliance
  • Develops a thorough working knowledge of current and evolving state laws, regulations, policies and procedures dictated for residents and ensures compliance
  • Demonstrates personal and resident safety
  • Answers resident urgent call alarms
  • Runs e-call system reports daily, reports findings at stand up and follow up where indicated
  • Reviews and demonstrates fire, safety, and elopement procedures
  • Ensures physician and family notification per state regulations
  • Maintains compliance with state regulations
  • Actively participates in the QRS process
  • Assesses risk in a proactive manner

Computer Skills

Demonstrates proficiency in computer applications including:

  • Microsoft Office
  • YARDI, Ulti, UTA, eRSP, VLT and ULM

Customer Service

  • Responds to resident / family requests in a timely manner
  • Supports the resident’s family, friends and significant others as ongoing caregivers and members of the caregiving team.
  • Meets customer service standards in a friendly, helpful, courteous manner with resident and family satisfaction a priority
  • Hosts and facilitates regular family meetings

Facilities Maintenance

  • Reports needed repairs and cleaning needs
  • Works closely with facilities and housekeeping staff for facility needs

Harbor Dining

  • Coordinates in partnership with the ED and DSD and is responsible for meeting all Resident Dining with Dignity Programs and Standards, Benchmark Harbor Snack Program, hydration, stocking of par levels, always available snacks and special events coordinating with the DSD
  • Monitors and coordinates with RCD and DSD any special diet needs, choices, finger foods, favorite foods and special needs

Human Resources

  • Resident Care Associates report directly to the Resident Services Director except in regulatory circumstances that dictate they report to the RCD (CT) in those circumstances the RSD will collaborate and support this process with the RCD. The RSD will seek out the clinical expertise and oversight of the RCD in any case of resident care or clinical concerns or needs
  • Completes annual Talent Review of all Resident Care Associates except where prohibited by state regulations, then in conjunction with the RCD
  • Leads recruiting, hiring, orientation, scheduling and supervising of RCA’s and in CT in conjunction with the RCD
  • Is responsible for completion of pre-employment paperwork by applicant (application, reference checks, background check forms) and providing completed packet to the DBA to include 1st day orientation paperwork
  • Creates and maintains tracking system to ensure compliance with PPD upon hire and annual requirements
  • Attends Community Department Head meetings and leads regularly scheduled staff meetings

Knowledge and Experience

  • Understands and develops Resident Care Service Plan in conjunction with the RCD
  • Understands advanced directives and end-of-life care
  • Possesses knowledge about the assisted living philosophy
  • Understands quality of care objectives
  • Understands quality of life objectives
  • Demonstrates knowledge of Benchmark Standards and Practices
  • Demonstrates working knowledge of state regulations
  • Possesses knowledge of policies in the resident and associate’s handbook
  • Possesses knowledge of dementia, Alzheimer’s, memory impairments and techniques on behavior management

Organization / Prioritization

  • Shows a consistent ability to appropriately set priorities and manage time and workload
  • Shows a consistent ability to coordinate multiple tasks, demonstrates a positive attitude, and works well under pressure


  • Participates in the coordinating and completing the Resident Lifestyle Assessment
  • Partners with the Activity Director to coordinate assistance in bringing residents to activities

Public Relations/Marketing

  • Actively participates in local community activities and in professional associations, representing the Community in a manner that brings positive recognition, enhances marketing activity, and generates wider awareness of Benchmark
  • Attends and is active in local Alzheimer’s Association Chapters or local partnerships
  • Facilitates network contacts and arranges for speakers from community groups, organizations to provide educational support to the families of the residents. Serves as a liaison with community Alzheimer’s specialists

Resident Care

  • Supports the resident’s abilities by understanding that all aspects of care can be viewed as an activity
  • Encourages and motivates residents to attend and participate in programming and activities
  • Reaches out to family/resident prior to Move In Meeting and participates in meeting
  • Attends and participates in Resident Service Plan meetings
  • Attends and participates in resident tracking meetings
  • Works with Resident Care Director to evaluate the care delivered to ensure compliance with the resident Service Plan and Standards and Practices and ensures execution by the RCAs
  • Works with Resident Care Director to interview and assess all residents and families prior to move-in, as well as coordinate the pre-move-in screening and move-out process
  • Provides, as needed, resident and family services such as counseling, problem solving, referral and advocacy utilizing community professionals when appropriate
  • Observes and reports any significant changes in resident behavior and health to the RCD, ED, RCA’s and family
  • Models and oversees therapeutic approaches, interactions and interventions of Harbor associates focusing on the person centered empathetic care model of harbor which always reflects and supports the dignity, privacy, respect and honoring of the individual needs and choices of residents and families
  • Supports, monitors and collaborates with the RCD in meeting regulatory compliance and all Resident Care QI Indicators.
  • Maintains resident services books that include the “YARDI Personal Care Logs,” RCA Assignment Sheets, Positive Interactions Book, 24 Hour Communication Log and Behavioral Log
  • Maintains ‘I’m OK” log binder
  • Completion of incident reports as necessary, where applicable per state regulations
  • Responsible for daily assignment sheets and ensuring that they represent correctly the current needs of residents as well as distributed to all care associates
  • Responsible for correct assignment of aides to ensure an equitable work flow, ex: laundry and shower scheduling

Hiring, Training, Education, and Development

  • Responsible for inclusion and focus on the scheduling of the largest staff in the community
  • Responsible for taking call outs and re-scheduling associates to operate and complete schedules based on variable staffing
  • Managing and developing a Lead Aide per each shift
  • Manages recruiting including primary role of responsibility in organizing and facilitating group interviews
  • Schedules and leads and documents in-service training as required per state and Benchmark in-service requirements, following the monthly mandated in services for all team members
  • Conducts regular staff meetings and education sessions to ensure the staff expands its knowledge and expertise
  • Assists in organizing and facilitating monthly educational meetings for families, volunteers and general community
  • Involvement with the training of department heads and other associates
  • Serves as a mentor to all new staff
  • Holds all associates accountable and corrects actions when necessary, documenting for recordkeeping

Teamwork / Collaboration

  • Promotes a positive work environment that emphasizes teamwork
  • Identifies and organizes associate relations events and opportunities
  • Demonstrates flexibility
  • Works collaboratively with all departments at the community


  • Completes special projects/assignments as delegated by Executive Director
  • Demonstrates a knowledge of current and evolving laws and regulations to ensure compliance